Use me in 2010…

“Here am I, Lord… use me.”
Sounds simple; yet, it is a prayer that has changed my life over and over again. In the last several years, God has answered this prayer, “to be used by Him,” in some incredible ways.
As I reflect on 2009, I can’t help but realize how it has been a huge blessing to be used by God. I love to serve the Church and to help people in ministry to connect with families. He has truly opened up some incredible doors to serve.
So, as I continue to review my calendar for the next year, I thought I’d share my speaking schedule. My hope is that I will get a chance to meet you at one of these locations:

The D6 Conference
Dallas, TX
Septemeber 23-25

Scribble Sessions
Louisville, Ky
October 9

The Leadership Conference at Southeast Christian Church
Louisville, KY
October 23-24

Children’s Pastors Conference (CPC)
San Diego, CA
March 15

Orange Conference
Atlanta, GA
April 28-30

If you’re going to be at any of these conferences and you’d like to connect, email me: It would be a blessing and an honor to meet you and learn about your ministry.

One last thing, I have left a few dates on my calendar to serve local churches. Making time to teach and train at other churches has been a great blessing; and, it has helped me to grow some great new relationships. If you need help moving your ministry to the next level, please let me know. I would be honored to serve you and your team.
I am available to speak or teach on the following topics:
Parenting and Family Ministry
Children’s Ministry
Leading from Your Strengths
Advanced Leadership: The Marine Corps Way
Leaving a Strategic Legacy

I hope our paths cross this year…

Michael Chanley
creator of the communities

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